Autoline - Strength ::

Manufacturing of hydraulic, Pneumatic & CNC SPM’s to be cost effective & enhance machining capacities.

Other Resource -

  • In-house Forging Unit
  • New Hosung make 600T Forging Press.
  • We have modern Induction heating equipment for temperature consistency, continuous type electric normalizing furnace.

Human Resource -

  • Autoline has a motivated work force.
  • Autoline adopted TPM as a way towards excellence & customer satisfaction.
  • Work force is so loyal that there is no attrition in last 14 years.
  • Kaizen thrust by top management & all bottom level associates.

Land -

  • Autoline have 12000 sq. meter land which can be useful for furnace expansion as well.

Power -

  • Sufficient power available for all machining, forging, surface treatment which is in-house, with DG set as contingency.

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